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“Dig Deep” new album out now on iTunes, Spotify & Wimp.

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Posted by Rikke on March 16 2016

It’s been a while so here’s a quick update;
In general, last year was a great, playing gigs and promoting my album “Dig Deep”. I traveled a lot and meet cool people.
In late May I released a new soulful tune called “History”, it received great reviews and a lot of air play on Norwegian radio “P1” through out the summer ‘15. It also kind of musically showcases where I’m heading. If you haven’t heard it, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjuJ-f6tv9I

These days, I’m back in the studio, recording new songs for a new album!
New music (and maybe even a new USB-Rikki-stick) coming soon. I’m excited.
And also, THIS PAGE IS GETTING A MAKEOVER, in the meantime please follow my Facebook page or Reverbnation page for updates:



Release gig @ BLÅ, Oslo

Posted by Rikke on March 09 2015

Saturday Feb 21st. The place was packed with people and friends coming to celebrate the new album with me, the band played like there was no tomorrow, the awesome horn section poured their hearts out, and I had so much fun!! 50 minutes went by in a heartbeat ❤️
I’m back and ready to play live baby, live!

5 on the dice - review of “Dig Deep”

Posted by Rikke on February 06 2015

“Dig Deep” got a great album review by Oppland Arbeiderblad, a 5 on the dice!
“Pure pop explosions”

It feels AWESOME!

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